Swimming Pool Repairs & Renovations

If your pool filter looks like this, it's time to give us a call!

If your pool filter looks like this, it’s time to give us a call!

When your swimming pool equipment isn’t functioning properly, it’s difficult to enjoy your pool!

Let Aqua-Matic Pools help you repair or replace broken, worn out, leaky or noisy pool equipment.  As a certified dealer of Hayward and Polaris equipment, we carry a full line of parts and accessories for all types of filters (DE, sand, and cartridge), pumps, motors, heaters, automatic vacuum cleaners, pool lights, chlorinators, and salt chlorination systems.

To place a service call, complete the “Quick Contact” Form or call us at (610) 582-7665.    We will return your call promptly and we will provide immediate phone consultation.  If your issue requires an on-site service call, we send only fully-trained swimming pool technicians to your job.

For in-ground and above ground pools, our services include:

  • Repair / replacement of all types of pool equipment
    • Filters, pumps, motors, heaters, chlorinators and brominators, salt systems, pool lights, automatic vacuum cleaners and booster pumps, and pool fountains
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Leak Detection Service
  • Concrete work
  • Pool renovations and restorations
  • Programming of equipment controls

Additionally, we offer “In-Shop Labor” for minor equipment repairs and resets.  Simply bring the part in to the Pool Store and we will repair, replace or adjust the part as needed.

Pool & Equipment Repair Examples

Pool Renovation Needed - Douglassville, PA

Pool Renovation Needed
Douglassville, PA

Pool Renovation Complete - Douglassville, PA

Pool Renovation Complete
Douglassville, PA

For this pool renovation project, Aqua-Matic Pools completely removed the damaged pool bottom, poured a new vermiculite pool floor, and installed new wall foam and a new vinyl liner. In just a few days, the homeowners went from having a dangerous eye-sore in their backyard to a gorgeous “new” swimming pool to enjoy!

Underground Plumbing Repair - Elverson, PA

Plumbing Repair
Elverson, PA

This underground plumbing repair project started with a Leak Detection that identified a problematic leak in the return line the original pool builder had installed beneath the pool deck. Aqua-Matic Pools’ solution bypassed the damaged plumbing by installing a new underground return line which runs from the filter to the return jet.

Poorly Maintained DE Filter - Mohnton, PA

Poorly Maintained DE Filter
Mohnton, PA

All swimming pool equipment requires proper maintenance. In this instance, the DE filter was not being properly back-washed or cleaned on a regular basis, and too much new DE was being added. This caused excess DE to accumulate and clog the filter. Aqua-Matic Pools dismantled the filter, thoroughly cleaned the filter and grids, reassembled the equipment, and provided the homeowner with a refresher on filter care and maintenance. With a properly functioning filter, and a little attention to water chemistry, the pool owner’s family was back to swimming in a crystal clear pool in no time!

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