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Synergy Pool Chemicals

Synergy® is a unique technology for use with automatic chemical feeders in any type of pool. It’s a self-contained system that gives you everything you need to maintain amazingly clear, comfortable water — all in a single box. And because of its effectiveness, there are only two products to add once a week to keep your pool sparkling and algae free. 

Everything in one easy-to-handle box.

Less to Do
2 steps; once a week

More to Enjoy
You’ll spend more time enjoying your pool and less time caring for it.
For more information on Synergy products, please contact Aqua-Matic Pools at (610) 582-7665.

The Synergy® products were formerly SNAP products. The name and look may have changed, but the quality remains.


Aquazone Pool Chemicals 3” Chlorine Jumbo Tablets

Aquazone Pool Chemicalsbrand chlorine tablets are made in the USA. The 3” – 99.9 % trichlor tablets are individually wrapped, stabilized & manufactured with advanced technology for even erosion. This enables the chlorine to be evenly distributed & stay in your pool water longer. The tablets are recommended for use with erosion-type automatic chemical feeders.

Aqua-Matic Pools recommends Hayward’s CL220 automatic chlorine feeder.


SeaKlear Pool Chemicals

SeaKlear Phosphate Treatment and Algae Solutions
SeaKlear products used to kill and treat algae

SeaKlear algaecide
SeaKlear yellow algaecide
SeaKlear phosphate remover

Algae Prevention and Remover
Yellow Klear
Phosphate Remover

Some algae are more resistant to chemical treatments than others. The following describe the conditions that algae need to thrive and the chemical treatments used to eradicate them.

Growth Factors:

Lack of sanitizer
Warm water
Rough surface, cracks and crevices
Poor circulation
Nutrients: nitrates and phosphates

Four types of algae commonly found in pools:

1) Yellow (mustard): Powder-like algae that clings to walls, steps and corners
2) Black: Small to quarter-size algae patches embossed into a surface
3) Blue-green (Cyanobacteria): Mistaken for green algae, but are actually bacteria that thrive on phosphates
4) Green: Free floating or on pool walls


Natural Chemistry pool products

Natural Chemistry products are natural-science based and 100% guaranteed effective and safe. As the leading maker of all-natural pool products, Natural Chemistry sets the industry benchmark for environmentally friendly and socially responsible pool products that are biodegradable, bacteria-free, non-corrosive, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The perpetual enzymatic cleaning action of its natural cleaning solutions are formulated to breakdown specific unwanted organic contaminants in your pool water, molecule by molecule. Save money by increasing the life of your filter media, and reduce time spent maintaining and troubleshooting your pool water. Get clean, soft, algae-free water all summer long with Natural Chemistry’s water conditioning products.


Metal Free water treatment
Pool First Aid products
Pool Perfect pool products